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Traditional Kung Fu
Tai Chi & Wooden Man Training
Denver, CO since 1979

Testimonial: John Blake — 5 star
"You know when you really appreciate something and feel very blessed to have found such a great martial arts school? Well, I feel that same feeling, and I am really happy to be attending Shao-Lin Kung Fu & Tai Chi Wooden Man. The atmosphere of the place just brings about a sense of warmth and overall pleasantness. The instructors are not only very knowledgeable, but also attentive, they really care about your personal growth and advancement in Shaolin and Tai Chi."

"mastery through time and effort"
will train both your mind and body.

The variety of styles will allow you
to train for maximum benefit of
health and self defense for
* Physical * Mental * Spiritual Health


Shao-Lin Flying Swallow
Rope Dart Spins, Shoots & Techniques
Sunday, March 3rd, 2019, 2-6pm
These dynamic techniques are being taught for the 1st time!

**Shao-Lin Kung Fu & Tai Chi of Denver "reserves the right" to terminate any membership, at any time.**

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